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Tendon Anti-adhesion Membrane

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Tendon Anti-adhesion Membrane


Product Description:

It is well known that type I collagen plays a great role in dural, epidural and peripheral nerve regeneration as well as adhesion prevention. Type I collagen is also the most important extracellular matrix in tendon fibers and outer membranes in the tendon. It features excellent physical, chemical and biological properties, safe degradation and a unique three-dimensional porous structure, so being the best tissue engineering material for preventing postoperative adhesion in tendon injury and promoting repair and healing. Pore size is less than 220um.


Indications: Surgery to repair tendon damage, promoting repair, and reducing adhesion.

Action Mechanism
In early time, it can prevent from the tendon from exogenous healing through strong physical barrier and isolation effect from collage.
Tendon adhesion is mainly due to exogenous healing. The peak period of exogenous healing (occurring in 14 days) is earlier than endogenous healing. In this period, tendon membrane is a barrier to effectively prevent the peripheral fibroblast from invading and provide an excellent micro-environment for and promote endogenous healing. So a time difference is used.


Aponeurosis acts as a semipermeable membrane that can let nutrients penetrate into the tendon membrane and promote endogenous healing.

As the most effective tissue engineering scaffold, it has the same composition as that of the matrix in outer membrane of the tendon, providing the media for cell adhesion of the outer membrane and adherent proliferation, and making the outer membrane to be repaired.



Functional Features
It can not only provide the physical isolation and anti-adhesion, but also repair and promote endogenous healing.
It has no immunogenic or foreign body reaction. It can safely degrade with its degradation time of 1-3 months.
It has a void structure that is designed in a sophisticated manner. The outer layer is different from the inner layer. In addition to the good isolation effect, even small amounts of tendon fibroblasts grows-in, they disperse laterally in the surface or form a very thin sheath-like structure, thus not interfering with the repair of the inner layer.
It can provide a media that can anchor, adhere in wall and proliferate, so promoting regeneration and repair.
It has excellent tissue adhesion, flexibility and scalability. Being well adhered on the wound, it does not affect the mechanical properties of tendons and joints.
Usage: (For details, see product manual)
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