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Following Cell Biology and Molecular Biology, Tissue Engineering, a new discipline emerging in recent years, is also a new milestone in the history of life science. It indicates that medicine has stepped into a new era of manufacturing tissues and organs, instead of organ transplant.


The rationale of Tissue Engineering is as follows: by implanting biomaterial compounds to impaired tissues and organs, new tissues and organs with corresponding shapes and functions will be regenerated while the implanted biomaterials will be degraded and absorbed, leading to would repair and function reconstruction.


DuraMax is a kind of dura implant made of highly pure collagen, with application of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Its technology is state of the art, innovative and practical domestically and internationally.


Since releasing into market in 2003, DuraMax has been used in most hospitals in Mainland China, with a quantity of over 450,000 pieces.


Key features of DuraMax:

1. DuraMax is made of highly pure type I collagen, manufactured with unique technology.

2. The three-dimensional porous structure facilitates cell growth and tissue regeneration within the DuraMax, leading to would repair and function reconstruction.

3. The degradation products of DuraMax are amino acid and water, which could be eliminated through metabolism.

4. DuraMax is non-toxic without foreign body or immune rejection. Its degradation is under control, thus there is no encapsulation.

5. It is easy to store and use.


SEM Picture of DuraMax (150-250μm):

Excellent clinical characteristics of DuraMax:

1. DuraMax is sutureless, saving operation time and avoiding risk of epilepsy due to suture.

2. The absorption of DuraMax is controlled, with a complete absorption of 3-6 months.

3. The Specific 3D porous structure of DuraMax is suitable for the growth and differentiation and the cells and tissues. It can also buffer brain squeezing caused by encephaledema, without no danger of encapsulation. Besides, Fibroblasts can grow whthin the porous structure and secrete collagen to repair impaired tissue.

4. DuraMax can effectively prevent CSF leakage and adhesion, reduce the scar formation; It also has good hemostatic effect.

5. DuraMax can be cut and folded, providing a variety of surgical options.

Animal Test: 

Clinical Applications:


Indications: DuraMax is suitable for Dura repair, CSF leakage prevention, and anti-adhesion operation. It also has a very good hemostatic effect.

 Specifications:5±1mm thickness

Rectangle (DXL):

15X20  20X30  30X30  30X40  30X50  30X80  40X50  40X60  50X50  50X60  50X70  60X60  60X70  60X80  60X90  70X70  70X80  70X90  70X100  80X80  80X90  80X100  80X110  90X90  90X100  90X110

Round (Ф):   Ф45    Ф60     Ф85   

Oval (LXD):  65X35  85X55   100X85


Sector (LXD): 65X30  80X35   105X35

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